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                  Export-oriented enterprise integrating scientific research and production

                  Insecticide, Herbicide, Intermediate, Biopesticides


                  Biopesticides-Brevibacterium brevis

                  Brevibacillus brevis is the latest biological pesticide created in China, and it is a new type of bacterial insecticide with gastric toxicity. 1. High pathogenicity: Pests will stop feeding hazards when they come into contact with the drug (1-4 days death, 15-day duration), high leaf retention rate, and low temperature and rainy days are equally effective; The better the effect, the better; 3. The product is a pure live bacteria biological insecticide, no drug resistance, slightly toxic, extremely safe for fish, does not contain any hidden chemical ingredients. To control rice leaf roller borer, diamondback moth, Spodoptera litura, and other crops, use method: the pest can be used throughout the larval occurrence period. According to the amount of insects, spray 20-40ml of medicine per 30 kg of water. For borer pests, the drug should be used during the egg hatching period to the peak period.

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